covid-19 information

Due to the Covid-19 virus, I have had to adjust how my business operates for the foreseeable future. Please read the following important information before I come to service your piano.


What you can expect of me:

  1. As an extra precaution, I will be wearing a mask, disposable gloves, and disposable shoe covers at each appointment. The gloves and shoe covers are disposed of after each appointment, and new gloves and shoe covers used at each appointment. Additionally, I will use a freshly laundered mask at each appointment.

  2. I am sanitizing the tools I use after each appointment.

  3. As a courtesy during the virus, I am cleaning your piano’s key tops after services have been performed.

  4. I am not reusing rags or towels when sanitizing or wiping down parts of the piano. Each rag or towel is new or freshly laundered.

  5. I am maintaining 6+ feet of social distancing between customers.

  6. I will be cleaning my hands with disinfectant before entering your home.

  7. I am checking my temperature daily as an extra precaution.

  8. The 48-hour appointment cancellation policy is temporarily being waived for the foreseeable future.

  9. If you have any additional requests, I will gladly do my best to accommodate.

What I request from my customers:

  1. Please maintain social distancing of 6+ feet. I prefer you wear a mask if you are in the same room as me.

  2. If you or anyone in your home is feeling ill, have a persistent cough, or fever, please cancel your appointment, even if it is just an hour before I am scheduled to arrive.

  3. Contactless payment is requested (please leave a check made out to Brad Fant Piano Service, or I can provide online payment link).

Your patience is appreciated during this challenging time. Thank you for choosing me to service your piano.

covid-19 FAQ

I want to clean/sanitize my key tops. What should I use to do this, and how should I do this?

  • Cleaning product varies depending on key top material (ebony, ivory, plastic). Certain products or chemicals can be harmful to certain key top material. As such, this is on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me to inquire what is best for your piano.
  • Never spray products (or water) directly onto the keys. Always use a soft rag or disposable towel and spray onto the rag first. Wipe the key tops in a 'toward the player' motion, not side-to-side. Cleaning piano key tops is a gentle process, not a scrubbing process. Pressing hard or vigorous scrubbing may lead to scratching or damage. Always proceed with caution and use common sense. Remember to wash your hands after you have thrown away the towels.
  • Avoid soaking the rag or towel and getting liquid down the side of keys. It is better to be conservative and re-spray onto a fresh part of the towel multiple times, as opposed to soaking the towel and trying to clean the entire keyboard in one pass. Always follow up with a dry towel and never leave standing liquid on the keys.
  • Excessive amounts of liquid applied and/or left on the keys can cause the key top glue to come loose. Water is the primary reversal agent used to loosen some glues.
  • Do not attempt to clean the case/finish of the piano.

Are you able to clean my entire piano, in addition to the key tops?

Yes. I offer an extensive internal piano cleaning service. Typically upright piano cleanings take about 45 minutes and grand piano cleanings take about 75-90 minutes. Now is a perfect time to have your piano deep cleaned. Please contact me to inquire, or to add this service on to your next service appointment.