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Yamaha CP-70 and CP-80 Service

Brad Fant Piano Service is a Yamaha authorized service provider, offering specialized services and parts for Yamaha CP-70 and CP-80 pianos to local clientele. Brad has serviced CPs for musicians including Lenny Kravitz, My Morning Jacket, Foo Fighters, The Goo Goo Dolls, Miike Snow, and M83.

Services Offered

  • Tuning

  • String Replacement: Replacement of broken strings with exact duplicates. See here for more information pertaining to string replacement.

  • Action Regulation: Calibration and adjustment of action components for optimal performance. See here for more information pertaining to action regulation.

  • Repairs: Repair of broken or malfunctioning components.

  • Parts Replacement: Replacement of broken, missing, or overly worn components including action components (hammers, whippens, keys, etc.), case parts, key bushings, and other components.

  • Restoration: Partial or complete restoration of all CP-70 and CP-80 grand models. In collaboration with the electronics expertise of Ken Rich Sound Services, Brad has completed several CP-70B restorations, performing all acoustic and mechanical services including action regulation, parts lubrication, key protocol, re-stringing, and tuning. Please note that all CP electronics work is outsourced to Ken Rich Sound Services.

Please note: We are currently accepting work for all CP-70 and CP-80 grand models, but are not able to accept work on CP-60M upright models at this time.


Yamaha ceased manufacturing components for CP pianos in 1997. Brad Fant Piano Service boasts one of the most comprehensive inventories of Yamaha CP-70 and CP-80 parts including genuine Yamaha N.O.S. parts, genuine Yamaha pre-owned parts, new aftermarket components, and full sets of strings. Whether your piano needs a pedal, pedal rod, leg, hammer, power supply, or other rare component, Brad Fant Piano Service is prepared for most requests of recording studios, concert venues, or other clients. Parts are reserved for local clientele with pianos maintained by Brad Fant Piano Service, and are not available for resale or shipment.

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