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Piano Purchasing
consulting & piano inspections

It is important to consult with a technician before purchasing or acquiring an acoustic piano. An experienced technician can help you find a reliable piano with longevity, and can help minimize the risk of your purchase. Whether this is your first acoustic piano, or you are looking to upgrade to your dream instrument, I am committed to helping you find a quality instrument that fits your needs.



Customers shopping for a piano have found consultations to be a helpful starting point. During a consultation, I get to know more about your goals and needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide experienced guidance and recommendations tailored to you. I am available for consultations via phone and/or email at any point during your piano search.


Piano Technical Inspections

A technical inspection includes an assessment of the most critical components of the piano and those most prone to wear-and-tear, along with a brief, post-inspection consultation. To properly evaluate tunability, an optional complimentary tuning is offered as part of the inspection process. A written condition report with photo documentation is also available for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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