consulting & piano inspections

It is important to consult with a technician before purchasing or acquiring an acoustic piano. An experienced piano technician can help you find a reliable piano with longevity. Furthermore, it is vital to have a piano inspected before “sealing the deal.” The piano technician can check for any red flags or major problems, informing you of these before the piano is purchased and moved. Whether this is your first acoustic piano, or you are looking to upgrade to your dream instrument, I am committed to helping you find a quality instrument that fits your needs.

Piano Technical Inspections
While I suggest a technical inspection be performed before purchase of even a new piano, it is particularly important if the piano is pre-owned. Many pre-owned pianos on the market are no longer serviceable or tunable, or may require extensive work that the buyer (and seller!) are not aware of. While there will always be some level of risk in buying a pre-owned piano, having the technical inspection performed significantly lowers the risk of surprises.
Piano inspections include a brief, post-inspection consultation, with my conclusions about the specific piano. While the inspection is informative to the condition of the components, having the piano tuned during the same appointment is also recommended, especially if the instrument is of a higher value. In addition to tuning, a written condition report document, with photos, is also available as an additional service.

piano inspection faq